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Also Known As


Genres Alternative Rock, Grunge,Emo, Punk
  • Taylor Madison
  • Joseph Kane
  • Zack Robbins
  • Jacob Clarke
Former Members
  • John Bowes
Date of Formation Early 2008
Formation Location Doylestown, PA
Years Active 2008-prestent

Superheaven, (originally known as Daylight) is a Pennsylvania alternative rock band. Starting out as an emo band, they released multiple extended plays before releasing their first album, Jar, under the name Daylight. A year after changing their name to Superheaven, the released Ours is Chrome. Now an alternative rock band, they are considered a grunge revival band.

History Edit

The band formed as Daylight in 2008. They released their various EP's whilst constantly switching labels, including Run For Cover Records, Six Feet Under Records, and Get This Right Records. They released their two later EP's on Run for Cover, and in 2013 they released their first album, Jar. In 2014, the band settled a legal dispute with a Spanish band called Daylight. So, in 2014, they renamed their band Superheaven and released Jar under the name. They signed onto SideOneDummy Records where they re.eased their secondary album, Ours Is Chrome.

Discography Edit

Studio Albums Edit

EP's Edit

  • Daylight (2009)
  • Sinking (2009)
  • Dispirit (2010)
  • Run for Cover Acoustic Series #3 (2011)
  • The Difference In Good And Bad Dreams (2012)
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