Styrofoam Tombstone
Milk Duct Tape
Name Styrofoam Tombstone by Milk Duct Tape
Album Type EP
Genres Indie Rock, Alternative Rock, Grunge, Desert Rock, Folk Rock
Release Date

February 24, 2015

Length 30:00
Preceded By Live at GERFest

Styrofoam Tombstone is the debut EP of the American grunge band Milk Duct Tape. It was released on February 24, 2015 on Bandcamp.

Recording Edit

After founder Dan Bobek recruited his old friend Adam Clayton to join the band, the trio practiced in Bobek's basement. Soon after, the band began touring. In April of 2014, the band began recording songs for albums. The debut EP was released in February 2015.

Musical Style Edit

Milk Duct Tape is notable for taking influence from multiple bands. They most notably take influence from bands of the start of the Grunge scene. The first two tracks, "Black Stained Heart," and "Falling Down with You," make this apparent. The band has also taken influence from Rolling Stones, as proven by the third track, "Glass Bad Ass." The album also has high production.

Borek's vocals range from high-pitched tones to deep and grungy rasps. He uses multiple voices throughout the album, and they all blend with backing vocals.

Artwork Edit

The albums artwork has a black background with the band's logo which is made to look like a neon sign. The pdrawing on the cover has a little boy that is wearing western cowboy apparel, such as a cowboy hat and boots. He is staring at a small black horse that has its front legs in the air. The boy is next to an anthropomorphic white rabbit in a suit and a tie. The drawing appears worn out. The appearance of the drawing's quality is clearly intentional.

Tracklist Edit

No. Name Length
1. Black Stained Heart 4:38
2. Falling Down with You 4:39
3. Glass Bad Ass 5:09
4. Land Locked Beach 4:14
5. Vamping 3:56
6. Turkish Delight 7:33

Sources Edit

  • Bandcamp: [1]
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