Name Rupture by Coffin Break
Album Type Studio Album
Genres Grunge, Hardcore Punk
Release Date


Label C/Z Records
Producer Jack Endino
Preceded By Psychosis
Followed By Rupture/Psychosis

Rupture is the second studio album by American grunge/punk band Coffin Break. It was later combined with the album Psychosis in the compilation Rupture/Psychosis.

Tracklist Edit

Side/No. Name Length
A1 World 1:52
A2 Fringe 2:35
A3 39 2:48
A4 Version of Never 2:19
A5 Quiet Earth 2:05
A6 Kill the President 2:22
A7 Rosey Picture 1:51
B1 Diane 3:11
B2 Pop Fanatic 2:02
B3 Just Say No 1:27
B4 Tuesday Thursday Man 1:32
B5 RAWG 1:10
B6 Nursing Home Child 2:08
B7 No Respect 2:34
B8 Drip 4:55
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