Biographical Information


Genres Grunge, Alternative Rock
  • Pete Mac
  • Mike Mac
Formation Location Cork, ireland
Years Active 1996-Present

Paradox is an Irish grunge duo that formed in 1996, directly at the end of the grunge movement. The band was formed by brothers Pete Mac and Mike Mac. In 2002, they released their debut album, Circle of Growth.

History Edit

The band was formed by brothers Pete Mac and Mike Mac. They recorded their first studio album, Circle of Growth, in Los Angeles, California during the early 2000's, seeing a release date in 2002. Their second album, Sacred, saw light in 2004, and is considered by fans to be their best album.

After Sacred, he band went seven years without recording another album. However, Pete Mac released his solo album, All Life Matters, in 2009 in Germany. The album is released on Paradox's official Bandcamp page. The band's third album, Corporate Pollution, was by far the band's most mainstream album. The album met with mostly positive reception, being compared to Nirvasna and Alice in Chains. From the album, the track "Repress Express" made an appearance in the Canadian horror film, Truth. After touring with several bands in 2013 and 2014, Paradox released their fourth album, Chapters in 2015.

Musical Style and Influences Edit

The band has cited several grunge influences on their official Facebook page, as well as many other metal and alternative acts such as Sonic Youth, Tool, and PJ Harvey. The band also claims to have influence in the post-grunge and progressive scenes.

The band often writes political lyrics.

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