Biographical Information


Genres Alternatuve Metal, Grunge
  • Dizzy Cortright
  • Shane M. Green
  • Woody Newland
  • Chris Wargo
Date of Formation 1988
Formation Location New Brunswick, New Jersey
Years Active 1988-1995

Nudeswirl was an American alternative metal band that formed in 1989. They were based in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The band is notable for having two different eponymous albums. The band was also known for their dark alternative metal sounds which combined with grunge and incorporated elements of psychedelic music. The band split up in 1995.

History Edit

Formation and Touring Edit

The band was formed in 1988 by Shane, Green, and their first drummer: Mike Toro. The three independently released their first studio album, Nude Swirl, in 1989. It met with some positive reception. Eventually, Cortright and Newland joined the band while Toro left. In 1992, they singed on to Megaforce Records, a label owned by Sony notable for publishing some of the early Metallica records. On Megaforce, the band released their second eponymous album, Nudeswirl, and met with more popularity. They toured with many popular bands, including Skid Row and Mindfunk. They produced two music videos for their songs "F Sharp" and "Buffalo," both of which appeared on MTV's popular TV series Beavis and Butthead. They also performed at the 1992 Lollapalooza side stage.

Break-up Edit

The band broke up in 1995 after the release of their second album. Because of this, they are considered by grunge fans to be a cult band. Their albums are out of print, which achieved the status. They did reunite for a show at New Jersey's Court Tavern.

Aftermath and Legacy Edit

Dizzy Cortright later joined The Mad Daddies and Green later joined Slaprocket and Lord Sterling. And Wargo with his band Love Gas opened Gas Works recording studio

Popular bands like Radiohead and Tool considered Nudeswirl to be great influences on their music.

Band Members Edit

Pre-Break-Up Edit

  • Shane M. Green (vocals, guitar)
  • Chris Wargo (bass,backing vocals)
  • Dizzy Cortright (guitar)
  • Woody Newland (drums)

Past Members Edit

  • Mike Toro (drums 1988-1991)

Discography Edit

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