Biographical Information


Genres Alternative Rock[1][2], Post-Grunge[3], Grunge[4][5]
  • David Usher
  • Mark Makoway
  • Kevin Young
  • Jonathan Gallivan
  • Francis Fillion
  • Louis Lalancette
Former Members
  • Jeff Pearce
  • Paul Wilcox
Date of Formation 1992
Formation Location Vancouver, British Columbia
Years Active 1992–2001, 2013–present
Associated Acts RYE, My Brilliant Beast

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Moist is a Canadian rock band that originally formed in 1992. It consists of David Usher as lead vocalist, Mark Makoway on lead guitars, Jonathan Gallivan on guitars, Kevin Young on keyboards, Francis Fillion on drums and Louis Lalancette on bass. The band's original drummer Paul Wilcox left the band just before its hiatus in 2000, and original bassist Jeff Pearce departed shortly after its reestablishment in early 2014.

After releasing an independent demo cassette in 1993, Moist was signed by EMI Music and released three official studio albums throughout the 1990s, becoming a staple of Canadian music culture. Shortly after releasing a compilation album in 2001, the band underwent an unplanned hiatus for over a decade, and then became officially reestablished in June 2013. Shortly after reuniting, the band began work on their fourth studio album, entitled Glory Under Dangerous Skies, which was released on October 7, 2014.

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  • Jeff Pearce – bass, mandolin, backing vocals (1992–2001, 2013–2014)
  • Paul Wilcox – drums (1992–2000)

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