Mad Chicken
Biographical Information

Mad Chicken

Genres Grunge, Stoner Rock, Stoner Metal
  • Filipe Xavier
  • André Salviano
  • Daniel Santos
  • Pedro Paim
  • Michel Custódio
Former Members
  • Thalita Almeida
  • Jefferson de Oliveira
Date of Formation 2013
Formation Location Arcos, Brazil
Years Active 2013-present

Mad Chicken is a stoner rock band from Arcos, Brazil. The band was formed by vocalist Filipe Xavier, guitarist Daniel Santos, and bassist André Salviano.

History Edit

Xavier, Santos and Salviano were in a band known as Archaic. On a Saturday in October 2013, they came together to create songs influenced by grunge and punk. The songs they recorded were "Chicken Shit", "Chicken Thieves" and "Why the Chicken Cross the Street?". In May of 2015, Jefferson de Oliveira was hired as the drummer. In June, they played their first two live shows in Lagoa de Prata and Iguatama. In 2016, they finished recording their first demo album, Homemade Demo Tape. The album was produced by Michel Custódio, who the band later took in as a guitarist. In 2016, Jefferson de Oliveira left the group to become an engineer. Pedro Paim was his replacement drummer.

In March, 2017, the band recorded their debut studio album, Limestoner.

Influences Edit

The band has cited various grunge bands as influences, including Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and Soundgarden, as well as classic rock acts such as Black Sabbath, Rush, and Ramones.

Members Edit

Current Members Edit

  • Filipe Xavier (vocals)
  • André Salviano (bass)
  • Daniel Santos (guitars)
  • Michel Custódio (guitars)
  • Pedro Paim (drums)

Past Members Edit

  • Jefferson de Oliveira (drums)
  • Thalita Almeida (bass)

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Demo Albums

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