MTV Unplugged in New York by Nirvana
MTV Unplugged in New York
Name MTV Unplugged in New York
Album Type Live Album, Acoustic Album
Genres Acoustic Rock, Alternative Rock
Release Date

November 1, 1994

Recorded Date and Place Novermber 18, 1993 live in Sony Music Studios, New York
Label DGC
Producer Alex Coletti, Scott Litt, Nirvana
Length 53:50
Preceded By In Utero
Followed By With the Lights Out

MTV Unplugged in new York is the first live album by American grunge band Nirvana. The album is part of the MTV Unplugged series and was recorded live on November 18, 1993 at Sony Music Studios in New York. However, the live album was not released until a year later. The album features acoustic versions of many Nirvana songs, and a few acoustic covers of some of frontman Kurt Cobain's favorite songs.

The album is often hailed as one of the greatest live albums ever recorded, and debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Top 200, paritally due to the fact that MTV Unplugged in new York was the first Nirvana album to be released after Kurt Cobain's infamous suicide.

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