Fopp is the second EP by American grunge band Soundgarden. It was recorded and released in 1988, and is notably shorter than many Soundgarden releases.

Music Edit

The album is made up of two covers, one mix, and one original song. The album's title is taken off of the first track, Fopp. Fopp is a cover of an Ohio Players song. Kim Thayil stated "We thought we could take the song and make it AC/DC or something. We'd take the power chords, turn up the volume and make it heavy. "Fopp" is a good song that needed to be given its due as a 'kick-ass rock song!'" The next track is a six minute long remix of the song. The third track, "Kingdom of Come," is an original song written by Chris Cornell. The final track, "Swallow My Pride," is a cover of a Green River song.

Release and Reception Edit

The album received mixed reviews. Fred Thomas of Allmusic wrote about Fopp, stating, "An overly ironic and unfunny original tune lambasting the still-incubating Sub Pop scene, a Green River cover, and two mixes of an ill-fitting Ohio Players cover make Fopp even more fans-only fodder than the at times foreshadowing but ultimately mediocre fare of Screaming Life." According to Cornell, the album sold fairly well, but there were those who did not like the album.