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Welcome to the Flannel Manual: The Grunge Wiki. This wiki will cover many grunge music topics ranging from the most well-known names and topics to the underground discoveries. It's small, but it will expand nearly daily so that many curious fans will find what they want to know about grunge's music, scene, and culture. The site's small now, so we hope that you will join in making this a well-planned, professional, informative Wikia. Our topics will include the most popular and underground bands that practice grunge music, the influences on grunge's sound, the albums that come from these grunge bands, and the very labels that sent these bands to stardom in the underground and mainstream world.

Big Four of Grunge! Edit

NirvanaSmile PearlJamStick Alice-In-Chains-Sun SoundgardenCircle
Nirvana Pearl Jam Alice in Chains Soundgarden

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