Facelift by Alice in Chains
Name Facelift
Album Type Studio Albums
Genres Grunge[1][2][3][4], Alternative Metal[5][6][7], Heavy Metal[8][9][10][11], Hard Rock[12][13]
Release Date

August 21, 1990

Recorded Date and Place December 1989 - April 1990 London Bridge Studio, Seattle; Capitol Recording Studio, Hollywood
Label Columbia
Label ID CK 46075
Producer Dave Jerden
Length 54:02
Preceded By We Die Young
Followed By Sap

Facelift is the debut studio album by the American rock band Alice in Chains. The album was released on August 21, 1990. "We Die Young", "Man in the Box", "Bleed the Freak" and "Sea of Sorrow" were released as singles. "Man In The Box" was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Hard Rock Performance with Vocal in 1992. The album peaked at No. 42 on the Billboard 200 chart, was certified platinum and has gone on to be certified double-platinum by the RIAA for shipments of two million copies in the United States. Facelift became the first album from the grunge movement to be certified gold on September 11, 1991.

Music and Lyrics Edit

Guitarist Jerry Cantrell stated the album was intended to have a "moody aura" that was a "direct result of the brooding atmosphere and feel of Seattle." Regarding the music for "Man in the Box", Cantrell said, "That whole beat and grind of that is when we started to find ourselves; it helped Alice become what it was." Cantrell also credited "I Can't Remember" for helping the band find its sound. "It Ain't Like That" came out of a riff that Cantrell cited as a mistake, however he called it "a cool mistake."

Cantrell called "Love, Hate, Love" the "masterpiece of that record," adding about the song that Staley's vocals are "amazing" and that it features one of his favourite guitar solos he ever performed.

Regarding the lyrical content, Cantrell said he wrote "We Die Young" after "riding the bus to rehearsal and [seeing] all these 9, 10, 11 year old kids with beepers dealing drugs. The sight of a 10 year old kid with a beeper and a cell phone dealing drugs equalled "We Die Young" to me". In a recorded interview with MuchMusic USA, vocalist Layne Staley stated that the lyrics for "Man in the Box" are about censorship in the mass media, and "I was really stoned when I wrote it."

Discussing "Bleed the Freak", Cantrell stated that the lyrics represent "us against the world, those people who put you down."

Cantrell wrote "Sunshine" about his mother's death.

Tracklist Edit

No. Name Lyrics Music Length
1. "We Die Young" Jerry Cantrell Cantrell 2:32
2. "Man in the Box" Layne Staley Cantrell 4:46
3. "Sea of Sorrow" Cantrell Cantrell 5:49
4. "Bleed the Freak" Cantrell Cantrell 4:01
5. "I Can't Remember" Staley, Cantrell Cantrell 3:42
6. "Love, Hate, Love" Staley Cantrell 6:26
7. "It Ain't Like That" Cantrell Cantrell, Mike Starr, Sean Kinney 4:37
8. "Sunshine" Cantrell Cantrell 4:44
9. "Put You Down" Cantrell Cantrell 3:16
10. "Confusion" Staley Cantrell, Starr 5:44
11. "I Know Somethin (Bout You)" Cantrell Cantrell 4:22
12. "Real Thing" Staley Cantrell 4:03

Personnel Edit

Alice in Chains Edit

  • Layne Staley – lead vocals
  • Jerry Cantrell – guitar, backing vocals, talkbox on "Man in the Box"
  • Mike Starr – bass, backing vocals on "Confusion"
  • Sean Kinney – drums, percussion, additional backing vocals, piano on "Sea of Sorrow"

Additional Musicians Edit

  • Kevin Shuss - Additional backing vocals

Production and Management Edit

  • Produced, recorded, and mixed by Dave Jerden
  • Additional engineering by Ron Champagne
  • Assistant engineering by Leslie Ann Jones
  • Assistant mix engineering by Bob Lacivita
  • Mastered by Eddy Schreyer
  • Management – Kelly Curtis, Susan Silver
  • A&R – Nick Terzo
  • Product manager – Peter Fletcher

Sources Edit

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