Bleach by Nirvana
Name Bleach
Album Type Studio Album, Debut Album
Genres Grunge, Alternative Rock, Punk
Release Date

June 15, 1989

Recorded Date and Place January 23, 1988, June–September 1988, December 1988–January 1989 at Reciprocal Recording in Seattle Washington
Label Sub Pop
Producer Jack Endino
Length 37:19
Followed By Blew EP

Bleach is the debut studio album by American grunge band Nirvana. It was released on June 25, 1989 and was the only studio album Nirvana ever released on the Seattle-based grunge label Sub Pop. The album was produced by Skin Yard frontman Jack Endino,and was the only Nirvana album to feature ex-drummer Chad Channing before Dave Grohl became Nirvana's permanent drummer.

Despite underwhelming sales upon release, reception for Bleach was mostly positive. The album is considered a key album in the history of grunge. And due to the success of Nirvana's later albums, Bleach would eventually become Sub Pop's highest-selling album.

Ou of the three studio albums Nirvana released, Bleach is often considered the worst of the three, despite the positive reception. Two of the tracks, "Blew" and "Love Buzz," are featured on Nirvana's Blew EP which was released in December 1989. "Love Buzz" is a cover of a Shocking Blue song.

Tracklist Edit

No. Name Writers Length
1. "Blew" Kurt Cobain 2:55
2. "Floyd the Barber" Cobain 2:18
3. "About a Girl"' Cobain 2:48
4. "School" Cobain 2:42
5. "Love Buzz" Robbie Van Leeuwen 3:35
6. "Paper Cuts" Cobain 4:06
7. "Negative Creep" Cobain 2:56
8. "Scoff" Cobain 4:10
9. "Swap Meet" Cobain 3:03
10. "Mr. Moustache" Cobain 3:24
11. "Sitting" Cobain 5:22

Trivia Edit

  • Dale Crover of Melvins, who worked with Kurt Cobain on his Illiteracy Will Prevail demo tape, provides drumming for "Downer," "Paper Cuts" and "Floyd the Barber."
  • The cover photo was taken by famous photographer Charles Peterson, who's photos of Kobain were featured in the documentary Kobain: About a Son.

References Edit

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