Big Dumb Sex was a song written and composed by Chris Cornell and is the eleventh track for the second Soundgarden album, Louder Than Love. The song is commonly known as one of Soundgarden's best songs. The song is featured on the UK singles for "Hands All Over," which was controversially paired with the song.


The purpose of the song was to parody glam metal bands. The idea was that glam metal bands often used euphamisms for sexual intercourse in their songs, or often hinted at it. However, Soundgarden was explicit with the song, and often used the f word. Becuase of that song, the album carries a parental advisory sticker.

Controversy Edit

The lyrics and title of the song, along with the lyrics to "Hands All Over," caused sales issues for the album, Louder Than Love. The album still made its way to the Billboard 200, peaking at 108.

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