(NOT) Toponym Hymnal
Name (NOT) Toponym Hymnal by Animal Holograms
Album Type Demos and Outtakes
Genres Neo-Psychedelia, Dream Pop
Release Date

June 19, 2016

Recorded Date and Place 2013-2014

(NOT) Toponym Hymnal is a demos album released by Animal Holograms on June 19, 2016, and recorded during 2013-2014. The album carries many demos and outtakes that may not be used for the final product of their third studio album, Toponym Hymnal.

Style Edit

Straying farther from their grunge debut, the atmospheric demos album continues the neo-psychedelic style the band has been exploring. The album also carries traces of darkwave and dream pop.

Tracklist Edit

No. Name Writer(s) Length
1. "I Came Unloose" 4:59
2. "Anodyne Eyes" 6:40
3. "Why Can't We Ever Let Go?" 1:49
4. "We Live on Opposite Poles" 4:54
5. "Pretty Faces" 3:41
6. "Holy Mother of Love" 5:05
7. "Amitriptylina (low lo-fi demo/loop)" 8:56
8. "Phantom Psalm (live demo)" 9:03
9. "City of pyramids" 5:16
10. "Indra's Nest" 3:30
11. "Visions" 2:24
12. "There is a Gulf Between Us" 5:04
13. "Idiotarot Cardiax" 1:35
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